Learning how to browse for wild food

Browsing Nature's AislesAs a follow up to my post on preparedness, I wanted to share a book on foraging that I had the pleasure of previewing.

Reading Browsing Nature’s Aisles: A Year of Foraging for Wild Food in the Suburbs is like walking along side Wendy and Eric Brown as they and their family relearn our ancestors’ way of harvesting the wild foods that nature provides. Even in Maine’s harsher northern climate, wild food abounds if you know how to find it. The adventure of discovery that the Brown’s embarked upon provides for great reading and joyful inspiration for those wanting to develop a truly tasty, localvore lifestyle that is in deep harmony with nature.

Foraging necessitates learning how to observe the rhythms of the natural world and remembering how to effectively live in harmony with the plants, trees, animals and birds. By slowing down to really pay attention to the world around us, we can learn how to find food in every season and in that process, remember the bounty of beauty and peace that the Earth provides.

I have been blessed to have Eric as one of my advanced shamanic students. Over the years, I have come to know Wendy and their girls, as well.  This book is a wonderful glimpse into their world and how a suburban family can live a more sustainable and joyful life.  They share their triumphs as well as their fumbles in a way that allows gives the reader ample permission to take their own steps toward sustainability. Even if you only duplicate a few of the Brown family’s ideas, you will find yourself much more connected to the land and bounty around you!

Pre-order your copy of Browsing Nature’s Aisles here: http://www.amazon.com/Browsing-Natures-Aisles-Foraging-Suburbs/dp/0865717508

© 2013 Evelyn C. Rysdyk

Nationally recognized shaman teacher/healer, speaker, and author of Spirit Walking a Course in Shamanic Power, Modern Shamanic Living: New Explorations of an Ancient Path, and contributor to Spirited Medicine: Shamanism in Contemporary Healthcare; Evelyn C. Rysdyk delights in supporting people to remember their sacred place in All That Is. Whether through face-to-face contact with individual patients, workshop groups and conference participants, or through the printed word–Evelyn uses her loving humor and passion to open people’s hearts and inspire them to live more joyful, fulfilling and purposeful lives. Her web site ishttp://www.evelynrysdyk.com.



One Response to “Learning how to browse for wild food”

  1. Eric Brown Says:

    Evie, thank you for the kind words. We feel that we are blessed to share our path with you.

    We learn and grow. What more can we wish?

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