Spirit Passages Shamanic Inner Body Healing: A Portal to integrated Wisdom

In our culture, shamanic healers serve a community with its own special issues. In large part, our culture has honored the cerebral at the expense of the heart and we have neglected the spiritual side of life. The result is that the individuals within our culture are often disconnected from themselves, each other and from Nature herself. Just as peoples of the world living with poor sanitation suffer terrible diseases like typhus or cholera, we Westerners suffer from diseases that have arisen from our way of life.

Whether a person arrives at a shaman’s doorstep due to physical, mental or emotional illness, much of the malaise we experience in our contemporary world originates from our perceived disconnections. A person may feel disconnections within the Self–between her or his body, mind and spirit–as well as with the larger world of society and/or Nature. Whether conscious or unconscious, these disconnections contribute to chronic stress and to illness. Anxiety, depression and autoimmune disorders are wide spread and the incidences of stress-related illnesses are continuing to rise even as conventional therapeutic interventions fall short. Indeed, it is often the case that a patient who seeks out the shaman has tried many other therapies that have failed to alleviate their symptoms.

Spirit Passages Shamanic Inner Body Healing is a form of healing developed by my partner C. Allie Knowlton, nearly two decades ago. This unique method evolved as a tool to access the wisdom and healing that is locked away inside of your being. Whatever the issue–physical, emotional, or spiritual–often times the most valuable pieces in your healing puzzle is seemingly “missing.” You may have done traditional psychotherapeutic work, received shamanic healing, taken medication, learned how to meditate, and kept a dream journal yet still don’t feel “whole.” You may have become discouraged or even despondent at your “lack of progress.” It is in these situations Spirit Passages Shamanic Inner Body Healing work can be most useful.

This practice is based on several key principles. The first is the idea that all healing is a process. All of nature follows this paradigm–the seasons, the weather, the many rhythms of life are all in constant movement. Natural ebbs and surges are normal and expected. More importantly, processes are never complete. Unlike the goal-centered model that contemporary culture seems to ascribe to, a process model offers permission to focus on the present time. You have the freedom to savor sensations, ruminate over imagery and browse through what your mind may have judged as irrelevant details which are, in actual fact, often the keys to healing.

A foundation of the work is realizing that your symptoms are not the enemy, but instead are signposts that show you where you need to focus your attention and energy. Spirit Passages Shamanic Inner Body Healing is one way to access the imagery, sensations and memories which can provide, not only immediate information for healing but also reveal the next steps in your unfolding life process.

Another important key to this work is the understanding that your body is a manifestation of your divine spirit, which is not limited by either time or space. While your spirit is what shapes and infuses your physical being, your body also shapes how your spirit can manifest itself. As a result of this interplay, your physical body can function as a portal into a spiritual realm of wholeness and balance.

During a Spirit Passages Shamanic Inner Body Healing, your own body and spirit act as a doorway to wisdom. This wisdom is unlimited by the restrictions built by the conscious mind or the personality. A session involves an open-ended inquiry process that takes place in the sacred inner landscape. Shamanic realms exist both inside and around your physical body. As a result, you can be supported to go outside of ordinary time and space into your inner spiritual landscape.

Spirit Passages Shamanic Inner Body Healing can be very effective in unwinding many different kinds of limitations you experience. With the assistance of the helping and healing spirits, old traumas and misperceptions that may have been unreachable using other methods can finally be healed. This process has been successful in healing people from wounds and limiting beliefs sustained in utero or during preverbal infancy, to identify and eliminate unconscious, familial and generational patterns, and to heal unresolved issues that have their roots in a past life.

During the course of a session, traditional shamanic healing methods may be used to release a possession, retrieve a soul fragment or bring back a power animal for an aspect of your self, to heal a past life experience or to release your from curses, addictions or a familial dysfunctional pattern. The entire process is witnessed and facilitated by Allie and I. We ask questions to help you find your own interpretation for sensations, images and feelings. Since the information arises from within, each healing unfolds with a rhythm and pace that is safe and uniquely suited to you.

The method is also effective for negotiating better outcomes for surgery and invasive medical procedures by supporting your body, mind and spirit to accept and work in harmony with the intervention, thereby reducing the potential for further traumatization.

To discuss how this dynamic healing modality can support your own healing and personal evolution, call our office at True North Health Center (207-781-4488) to set up an initial consultation. Allie and I would be delighted to help you!

© 2012 Evelyn C. Rysdyk
Nationally recognized shaman teacher/healer, speaker, and author of Modern Shamanic Living: New Explorations of an Ancient Path and the soon-to-be-published, Spirit Walking a Course in Shamanic Power; Evelyn C. Rysdyk delights in supporting people to remember their sacred place in All That Is. Whether through face-to-face contact with individual patients, workshop groups and conference participants, or through the printed word–Evelyn uses her loving humor and passion to open people’s hearts and inspire them to live more joyful, fulfilling and purposeful lives. In joint practice with Allie Knowlton as Spirit Passages, her web site is http://www.spiritpassages.com.


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