Clearing the interference to your magnificence.

Dealing with Distractions

A big challenge we face as we step more fully onto the path of co-creation is the many distractions that fill our world.  Distractions galore abound everywhere. In fact, in very many ways, distraction is the primary focus of the culture at large. Think about it, how much of our collective time is spent with following the cast of a reality show, endlessly texting, spending hours on social media, or video gaming? Most of these pursuits can be relatively harmless if done in a limited, mindful and conscious way. However, if they are used to “make us feel good” or to keep us “unconscious” and distracted from the deepest core of how we feel, then they are in direct conflict with our purpose of becoming a co-creator.

Tilling the soil of the Inner Landscape

Now, before you panic, I’m not suggesting that you completely “unplug” and become a hermit!  Instead, I’m suggesting that you really examine how you are distracting yourself, losing your focus and interrupting your intentional way of being.  Notice when you do it and truthfully ask yourself, “Why?” If your honest answer is that you seeking “escape” then it is time to do more work in your inner landscape. What are you seeking to escape from?  Find out what those feelings are and work on how can they be changed.  Don’t be afraid to do some counseling to root out the source of those feelings that continually arise and push you toward distraction. They are usually unconscious misperceptions we learned in infancy and very early childhood. In some cases, they may even have been carried in from a previous existence. In any case, our Shamanic Inner Body Healing™ work may be useful as can seeing a good counselor or even some hypnotherapy in supporting you to shift and heal those misperceptions.

I can assure you that being released from the burden of your old limiting beliefs and misperceptions gives a joyful and a liberating feeling which is more than worth whatever work you do to get it!  In addition, the truth is that you can’t really step into being a co-creator without attending to this part of the inner journey.

The Dance between the Ego and the Spiritual

The work of changing perceptions and beliefs is also an excellent way to keeping the needs and urges of the ego in check.  For instance, becoming a conscious co-creator isn’t a path to evade the bumps that life may provide.  You may still get sick, lose a loved one or have another of life’s “ hard knocks.” This path isn’t an escape from reality, it is a transformation of reality! It is about learning to respond rather than react to life and in so doing change the environment in which we all live! Are your desires are a way to escape reality, do “better” than someone else or evade a consequence? If these emotional threads are present, there is a good chance that the desires are coming from ego.

Spiritual resources such as meditation or the shamanic journey process can be used to discern the difference between your ego and divine self.  With your sacred support, you will learn the different “voices” of ego and the divine self. You can also develop awareness about when and how each of them speaks to you. As you begin to recognize the unbeneficial aspects of ego that hold you in old ways of being you can dismantle them by doing more inner landscape work.  Often, the urges of the ego are connected to relieving or subjugating a fear. The fear may be about failure, being not good enough or of being unlovable. In any case, by attending to healing of these fears, it is possible to be truly released from them instead of seeking temporary relief!  Be courageous and “Go for it!”

Dealing with Disappointment and Impatience

Becoming a co-creator doesn’t sanction you to “get everything you want” at least not immediately or all at once! You have to become committed to the inner changes, continually redirecting yourself when you wander from the path and being willing to keep being/doing in this new way for as long as it takes!  As I’ve  said before, “Changing one’s life is a warrior’s journey. It is a series of choices that you make each day, in every moment that will eventually reveal your desired results–often in an unexpected form. In making those choices, you are living your new vision of yourself right now!” Let go of how and when the desired results will manifest.  This is called “letting go of outcome.”

When you feel the tugs of disappointment because something that you are focused upon hasn’t happened, this “mantra” of mine may be helpful! “I trust that (Insert your Divine desire here) is already manifesting in ways that I can’t yet see.” This is a way to move through the emotional turbulence that anger, jealousy, impatience and disappointment create. Remember with compassion that these feelings are old habits and usually reveal another layer of inner landscape work that needs to be attended to.  Feel them, acknowledge what they are showing you about your perceptions, then transmute them by attending to your gratitude practice.  If possible, also get yourself outside. Practicing gratitude while outside in the natural world, we more easily “reset” ourselves to the harmonious vibrations of creation.

Once you are “reset” by gratitude, refocus your intentions and make sure you are focused on the feelings that your desired outcome is already manifested. These feelings are critical as they can generate a result provides an unexpected path toward the desired reality. Remember, the spirits of All That Is (and your own divine self) may have something in mind even more glorious than your mind can imagine, so always focus on simply feeling it in this present moment.

Be both patient with yourself and tenacious about your inner transformational work. Each of us that are walking this path are changing the world–right now–even when we can’t always see it.  Becoming conscious co-creators offers us the best hope for transforming the very nature of what being human means–not only for ourselves but for future generations. As magnificent creator beings that function in harmony with All That Is, we participate in renewing our planetary environment.  The creative energies with which we align our hearts and minds can manifest miracles. Start today!


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